Energization of Polo 52, the largest industrial park in Córdoba, Argentina.

Up to now, we have installed nine MINICEL-630 Compact Transformation Stations over the entire extension of the industrial park, allowing the safe and continuous energization of more than 45 industrial warehouses that are currently operational.

The “Polo 52” Industrial Park is the largest productive center in Córdoba province and one of the most important and dynamic in Argentina. In addition to that, it is the first in Argentina to receive the Green Industrial Park seal, which includes the energy generation item.

It should be noted that we have the project to move our headquarters to Polo 52 , significantly expanding our production capacity. That is why we held a demonstration event of the entire range of products we offer in front of important figures from the industry, which culminated with the delivery by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Mining of the “Industrial Promotion” reward by the contribution to the growth and development of the productive sector of the province of Córdoba.