Approval of tests carried out by UNC.

We have carried out the following tests in the High Voltage Laboratory of the National University of Córdoba for approval of our Compact Transformation Station MINICEL-1000 , following the reference standards: UNE-EN 62271-202 (11/2007); IEC 60529 (2001-02); IRAM 2018:

1 – Mechanical impact test.
2 – Dielectric tests, at industrial frequency voltage, the interconnection between
3 – the transformer and the low voltage equipment.
4 – Insulation resistance of openings, with respect to compact center ground.
5 – Medium voltage connection cable insulation resistance.
6 – Verification of the degree of protection of the enclosure.
7 – Determination of paint thickness.
8 – Transformer heating test (necessary to determine the class of the enclosure).
Enclosure class (Heating test).